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WineDirect x Klaviyo Integration

Ready to take your client communications to the next level? We are happy to announce that Klaviyo – the leading email automation platform – is now available as an add-on to WineDirect. This is an upgrade path for any winery that desires more flexibility, automation, and control over their client communications. Leverage Klaviyo’s advanced email and SMS marketing automation and best-in-class segmentation tools to generate more sales on auto-pilot.


Providing Best-in-Class Tools

WineDirect's mission as "The Winery's Champion" focuses on offering the best-in-class tools to wineries of all sizes. We are excited to partner with our friends at BestWorlds—a Certified Klaviyo Systems Integrator and Master Partner—as they offer more robust options for email marketing. This integration is a paid feature created and supported by BestWorlds, including the setup fee and $250 monthly cost for Klaviyo.

*This is an add-on integration created and supported by BestWorlds - WineDirect is not charging for this feature.*

Are you looking ahead to the All-New WineDirect?

Your Classic Klaviyo integration will carry over to the new platform at no extra charge.

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BestWorlds Integration WineDirect

Key Features

WineDirect Advanced Segmentation

Flexible Templates

Choose from 70+ pre-built templates and start sending beautiful campaigns via email and text message.


Pre-built automations and simple segmentation tools allow for ultra-personalization and high customer satisfaction.
WineDirect List Synchronization

Scheduled Campaigns

Automated flows keep you top of mind at the right times, ensuring your customer data is always on hand, updated in real time.

Trusted By

Trusted By WineDirect Clients Wine DTC

"The Klaviyo integration for WineDirect has been great. Our order and reservation history syncs to Klaviyo so we can easily build segments based on purchase history or LTV and we are able to create beautifully branded email campaigns. We have also seen incredible results with Klaviyo “flows” from an email collector Best Worlds helped us install. We are happy with the results from our efforts so far and there's still a lot more we plan to do!"

- Chelsea, DTC Manager, Booker Vineyard


WineDirect Klaviyo Email Marketing

Premium - $250/month + $2500 Setup Fee

  • Synchronize all Contacts, Orders and Lists with Klaviyo
  • Import Purchase History to be Used for Advanced Segmentation
  • Use Klaviyo's Advanced Email Editor and Flows Builder
  • All Setup, Testing and Migration Performed by Best Worlds
  • Training and Support Calls Included
  • Ready for the All-New WineDirect
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Premium - $250/month + $2500 Setup Fee**

**Does not include Klaviyo platform fees

Historical Order Import

  • WineDirect order and customer data imported into Klaviyo
  • Will build profile stats like lifetime value and predictive analytics and data for recommendations engine

Order Sync Cron Service

  • Hosted service to query WineDirect for orders and insert them into Klaviyo
  • Database to maintain the status of orders to recognize “diff” or new orders
  • Insert into Klaviyo with all data - “Placed Order” event w/ trigger for use in Klaviyo Flows
    • Includes order purchase details (i.e. wines purchased)
  • Insert into Klaviyo with all data - “Tasting Booked” event w/ trigger for use in Klaviyo Flows if Tock is integrated into Wine Direct for tasting room bookings
  • Sync club membership info from WineDirect into Klaviyo custom properties for easy segmentation building
  • Browse abandonment capabilities

Catalog Feed Sync

  • WineDirect catalog sync into Klaviyo
Check-In Meetings, Quality Assurance Testing and Project Management
  • Onboarding with project plan and timeline
  • Weekly check-in meetings to review progress and data in Klaviyo
  • Coordination of final migration and go-live on Klaviyo

Training and Support

  • The following services are examples of services that can be requested within the 4 hours of support/training:s
    • Includes up to 4 hours of Klaviyo training and support
    • Training in the Klaviyo email builder and setup of a baseline email template for campaigns
    • Assistance in creating and configuring automation flows:
      • Welcome Series
      • Abandoned Cart Follow Up
      • Advanced Segments (i.e. based on club memberships, previous types of wine purchased, customer lifecycle state)

Lead Capture Setup

  • Assistance in creating new email popup forms and newsletter signup forms on the website that populate new subscribers directly to Klaviyo
  • Includes design (or coordination with client designers), coding, full testing and go-live and 90 days support

Deliverability “Warm Up”

  • Coordination of Klaviyo mail server “warm up” to ISPs over a 4 week period
  • Typically only the most engaged subscribers are emailed through the new Klaviyo account for the first few weeks to ensure the ISPs see this new email sender as legitimate
  • Create Klaviyo equivalent campaign for any upcoming campaign in the existing email marketing platform (i.e. Wine Direct or Mailchimp)
  • Create list “Not in Klaviyo” for the rest of the list to continue emailing in the current email marketing platform
  • Maintain a minimum 20% open rate through first 4 weeks
No limit from a cost perspective, but if you have past orders/customers in the millions the historical order import could take several weeks to fully complete.  While Klaviyo charges based on total contacts, this integration does not and supports unlimited orders and customers


There are options for full-service integration to test your data, coordinate the final migration and assist with automation and segmentation setup.  For merchants with existing development teams, there will be a more basic service option available with simple email technical support.

Klaviyo has already onboarded over 20,000 customers that were previously on Mailchimp because of advanced automation capabilities and support for SMS.  To learn more about the comparison between Klaviyo and Mailchimp click here.

BestWorlds - a certified WineDirect agency partner - will be responsible for the support and monitoring of the synchronization service and can provide development and marketing support to ensure a smooth transition.

With the All-New WineDirect, you can transfer your Classic Klaviyo integration at no extra cost. We'll provide more details as we approach the new platform's open release.

Learn more about the All-New WineDirect.

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