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WineDirect and Enolytics

2023 Direct-to-Consumer Impact Report

With success stories from those who bucked the trend

A clear-eyed assessment of the state DTC sales for wineries

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This report expands the applications from individual wineries to the industry as a whole, by anonymizing and aggregating literally tens of millions of data records. 

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2023 DTC Impact Report Cover Page

A candid portrayal of the data

Sourced from the largest repository of DTC data, this report answers the wine industry’s most pressing questions about the current DTC landscape and its future.

Many wineries saw negative results within their DTC programs in 2023 – it’s true – but not all wineries, and not across the board. These insights empower wineries to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity, charting a course towards improved performance. 

What To Expect 

This comprehensive report includes 40+ charts and graphs illustrating key industry trends, supporting 4 key actionable takeaways to apply to your winery today to elevate your DTC growth beyond the benchmarks.  

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💻 Town Hall: Recording

Join the conversation as we review the 2023 DTC Impact Report. Our industry experts will provide clear insights to facilitate understanding and guide strategic decision-making. Then, we want to hear your ideas and stories about how you are navigating the complex landscape of DTC sales. What are you considering to attract more customers this year, whether it be in the tasting room, or online? We want to know!

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