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WineDirect and Enolytics

2022 Direct-to-Consumer Impact Report

With Key Takeaways For Wine DTC

An expansive review with an eye toward the future of the DTC wine industry

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This report expands the applications from individual wineries to the industry as a whole, by anonymizing and aggregating literally tens of millions of data records. 

in transactions
consumers (anonymized)

All data needs perspective & context

Sourced from the largest repository of DTC data, this report answers the wine industry’s most pressing questions about the current DTC landscape and its future.

We have aimed to deliver careful, level-headed analysis of the data as well as thoughtful and deeply informed suggestions for “what to do today” to put the insights into action at your wineries right now.

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What To Expect 

This comprehensive report includes more than 30 charts and graphs illustrating key industry trends, supporting 3 key actionable takeaways to apply to your winery in 2023 to sky-rocket your DTC growth.

Boost Cyber Monday Sales Tip Sheet

Reflect on 2022, compared to previous 4 years

Speculating on the DTC wine industry requires perspective and context. In this report, we present multitudes of data, paired with industry veteran commentary and frame of reference.

To set the scene, yes, the DTC data for 2022 shows a slowdown in growth. However, the slowdown in 2022 is in relation to a very strong 2021. DTC growth in 2021 was very unique and also, arguably, unsustainable since 2021 was a recovery year from COVID’s negative impact on 2020.

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Key Takeaways for Wineries

Beyond the data, we share suggested actions, inspiring wineries to reflect, explore their own data, and continue to implement plans to grow their DTC sales.

Given the volume of data and the infrastructure for analysis of it, this report exposes exciting opportunity for growth in each DTC sales channel.  

💻 Webinar: April 5 @ 11am PDT

Tune in for a closer look at the 2022 Direct-to-Consumer Impact Report, revealing meaningful takeaways you can apply at your winery. This free webinar will take place April 5, 2023 at 11am PDT with WineDirect's Andrea Smalling, CMO, and Enolytics' Cathy Huyghe, CEO and Co-Founder. 

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