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Vin65 is now WineDirect!


Please visit our website www.winedirect.com for our must up to date information and support.

WineDirect has always strived to be the champion that wineries need—empowering you to sell directly to consumers more effectively and create delightful experiences in the process. That’s why we continually focus on new and better ways to deliver on this goal. And we’re making some of our biggest changes yet!

Vin65 and WineDirect will be one fully integrated brand.

As of November 2, Vin65 has been integrated into the WineDirect brand. Your login, tools and workflows will remain the same, but you’ll notice a new logo and we've launched a new website

All of our clients can expect even better service.

Integrating our teams will bring about big benefits for wineries like yours:

  • Our more closely integrated ecommerce and fulfillment teams will be dedicated to developing products and providing services that complement each other.
  • Our growing client support team will provide even more collaborative and responsive customer care.
  • We’ll now have a larger integrated consumer data set to inform systems and processes, which means you’ll be continuously benefiting from our industry-leading innovations.
  • Our new simplified service packages will be easier for you to understand and use.

We’ll continue to provide a fully mobile point-of-sale (POS) system, wine club and customer relationship management tools, marketplace distribution opportunities, and the other industry-leading ecommerce and fulfillment services you already use. But now that our two teams are united, we expect to find new ways to make them even better.


Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our team via the form below.

Why are you making this change? 
In fact, Vin65 has been part of WineDirect since 2012. By unifying under one brand and combining our teams, we will be able to more fully deliver on our end-to-end service promise and provide you with better service and tools.

What is happening to the Vin65 website? 
On November 2, we will launch a brand new website at www.winedirect.com. The existing Vin65.com website will be decommissioned and all pages will automatically redirect to a new page on winedirect.com This includes all our blog content.

Where will I go to log in? 
Your log in pages for both fulfillment and ecommerce will remain the same. You will also be able to navigate directly to them from our new website at www.winedirect.com starting November 2. For both, you will notice a new look and feel, but your username and password will remain the same.

I’m currently a Fulfillment Only client. Do I have to start using your Ecommerce services?
If you are currently using a different ecommerce solution, you do not have to change. However, using integrated ecommerce and fulfillment tools unlocks certain benefits like unparalleled package tracking capabilities, real-time inventory and product sync, and more. Learn more about our powerful winery ecommerce tools.

I’m currently an Ecommerce Only (Vin65) client. Do I have to start using your Fulfillment services?
No. You can continue to use your current fulfillment solutions with our ecommerce tools. Currently, WineDirect Fulfillment services are available in Northern and Central California. If you are located in these areas, we encourage you to learn more about how integrated fulfillment and ecommerce can improve your DTC operations, with features like unparalleled package tracking capabilities, real-time inventory and product sync, and more.

I’m a Fulfillment and Ecommerce (Vin65) client. Do I have to change my account set up? Will this affect the current integration between the Fulfillment Portal and my Vin65 Admin Panel? 
No. The new brand will not affect your account integration and you do not need to make any updates.  

Will this affect your performance and up-time? Are you moving your servers? 
No. We are not making any changes to our infrastructure or moving any servers. There will be no impact to our up-time or ability to process your orders, either in Ecommerce (Vin65) or Fulfillment.

How will this impact my services and pricing? 
It won't. Your services and monthly fees will remain exactly the same.

Will there be any changes to the Vin65 Admin Panel or the Fulfillment Portal? 
Starting November 2, you’ll notice a new login page and slightly updated look and feel when you log in. No functionality or navigation is changing: you can continue to process your wine club, run reports, ring up sales, track orders, manage inventory and perform all your other tasks as usual. Your username and password remain the same.

Does this mean your team is changing? 
No. Our team remains the same, including all Fulfillment Client Services, Ecommerce Support, Training and Technology staff.

Are you closing your Vancouver office? 
No! Our Vancouver office remains open and we are actively growing the team there.

Are your support hours changing? 
No. Our support hours are unchanged.

Ecommerce (Vin65) Support Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday: 8AM - 10PM PST
  • Friday & Saturday: 8AM - 5PM PST
  • Sunday: 9:30am-12:30pm PST & 4PM - 10PM PST

Fulfillment Client Services Hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30AM - 5PM PST

How will I get in touch with the Support / Client Services team? 
Our Support and Client Services phone numbers will remain the same. The Fulfillment Client Services team email csoperations@winedirect.com will also remain unchanged. Our Ecommerce (Vin65) Support email is moving to support@winedirect.com You can start using it now to submit your tickets. (Don’t worry: support@vin65.com will also continue to work.) 

Ecommerce Support:

Fulfillment Client Services: