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Featured Analyst Report

Blue Hill Research

Choosing to Support the Direct-to-Consumer Wine Business with WineDirect


The combination of operational and compliance challenges for the wine industry traditionally forces providers to choose a variety of unrelated solutions in multiple areas to support business activities. These areas include customer relationship management, point of sale, onsite sales, ecommerce, wine clubs, marketing, resource management, logistics, and fulfillment across the full range of direct-to-consumer wine activities. In this context, Blue Hill explored the decision-making process involved in choosing WineDirect to solve one or more of these problems as an end-to-end solution.


“By bringing all core commerce and delivery functions into a single platform, and supporting the flexibility and reality of a wine market where specific point technology solutions may be entrenched or difficult to replace, WineDirect allows a wide variety of providers in the wine industry to support the emerging business model of direct-to-consumer sales.”

Hyoun Park
Chief Research Officer
Blue Hill Research